Monday, August 04, 2003

Heard any bad adoption jokes lately?

Anybody out there got an opinion? Hmm? Anybody actually manage to get out of the house and watch a movie? Anybody get to watch TV before their kids go to bed, or stay awake after? Anybody getting into those fun summer beach reads? Personally, I can't remember the last time I went to the movies or watched a prime-time show all the way through in actual prime time. My current fun read is a book on "Developmental Reading Disabilities" which is intended for speech therapists and is slightly over my head (which at least gives me some sympathy for how reading feels to my daughter all the time). That's why I've had a little trouble keeping up the Adoption Watch message board all by myself. It's way easier to comment on the media and popular culture when you're personally exposed to it.

The plan was to set the board up and to watch other people's comments come pouring in — because I thought at the time, and still do, that a clearinghouse for information on the portrayal of adoption in the media was something that would be useful and of interest to a great many people. But either those great many people never found the board or never bothered to post on it, because my original posts have grown old and lonely and dusty without much company. So I'm going to make another try to post frequently myself, and invite anyone else out there who hears of or sees movies, TV shows, books or articles that touch on adoption to post about them as well. You no longer have to join ezboard to post; just make up an alias and go. Somebody? Anybody?

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