Monday, September 08, 2003

The IEP List: In the news

Recent news items of interest to Involved, Educated Parents:

1. Dr. Koop addresses one of the less heralded risks of international adoption: bringing an infectious disease into the family along with a new child.

2. Bad news: A judge says we can't blame McDonald's for making us fat anymore.

3. has some interesting special-needs-related articles — "Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy May Counteract Psychological Symptoms Caused by Exposure to Violence," "Earlier Rather Than Later Ear Tube Insertion May Not Improve Long-Term Cognitive Development," "Mainstreaming in Classrooms" — as well as one on "Getting Involved at Your Child's School." I need one on "What to Do When Everybody at Your Child's School Wishes You Were Less Involved, and Would Just Go Away and Stop Bugging Them."

4. Think laser eye surgery would reduce your kid's chance of having his glasses broken on the baseball field, or of being branded "four eyes"? You've probably got a while to wait. Although this HealthDay headline — "LASIK for Kids: An Option Whose Time May Be Near" — appears to hold promise for Coke-bottle-lensed children everywhere, the article explains that it's only being used on kids who can't be helped by ordinary means, and that its use as a cosmetic measure for goggled youngsters isn't really that near at all. So they can go back to begging you for contact lenses now.

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