Thursday, February 05, 2004

Too good to be true?

There must be some kind of disturbance in the universe lately, some fundamental disruption in the ordinary order of things. I say this not because of the nasty winter we've been having in the Northeast, or because of wanton nudity at the Super Bowl -- but because this year, the seemingly impossible happened: I had two excellent IEP meetings for my kids. In a row! A week apart! I'm feeling pretty flabbergasted about it. Delighted, but flabbergasted.

Honestly, it was unreal. For once, all the team members seemed to be on the same wavelength, and it was my wavelength. The questions I asked were answered the way I hoped. The support I needed for my kids was freely offered. My ideas were listened to. I was told that my kids were doing great, and after years of hearing "great" throughout the year and "not so great" at IEP meetings, that alone made me pretty happy. Things are going well. Too well? Maybe, but I'm going to hold off worrying for a week or two and just bathe in all these good vibes.

Maybe it's just my turn for good news. I know several other families in our district that are having mighty IEP struggles just now, and it makes me feel a little guilty to listen to them go through the same sort of trials we have in the past and think, "Me? This year? Oh, no trouble at all." I'd like to believe we've finally got everything figured out, and school from here on in will be smooth sailing. I'd like to believe it for a little while longer, anyway.

IEPs and IDEA and NCLB are among the educational acronyms under discussion on the board right now -- stop in and vent a little. I also see where Yahoo! Health has a little item on IEPs today, too. Which reminds me, I haven't seen any actual written documents for my kids yet. Maybe I should hold off on my feelings of extreme relief until I see all that gleeful agreement in black and white on something legally binding.

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