Sunday, June 26, 2005

An addition to the family, finally?

So it looks like we may finally, after many false starts, be getting a dog. There's a very sweet, gentle, calm, 9-year-old female German Shepherd at our nearby animal shelter who seems to be calling our name (that's her in the photo; isn't she a sweetie?). We've walked her a couple of times, and she seems unperturbed by my skittish daughter and hyper son and skeptical husband. And she gave me some very nice kisses on the face. She was mostly mellow as we walked her around, and the one time she took off after a squirrel I was able to restrain her. We've had a few dogs snatched up before we could properly express our interest before, but the shelter folk think this girl isn't going anywhere, nine apparently being over-the-hill in the shelter dog business. So it looks like we may be getting a dog. Check back here in a week or two to see if I'm celebrating or going "What on earth was I thinking?" Like we don't have enough on our hands already.

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