Sunday, October 01, 2006

With their compliments

My daughter the newly minted high-school freshman tells me that boys are coming up to her in the cafeteria during lunchtime and telling her she's hot and sexy. And what am I supposed to do with this information, exactly? I mean, it's better than people coming up and telling her that she's cold and ugly. She's flattered, and doesn't wonder, like I do, whether they're making fun of her. (And worse -- what if they're not?) Already someone asked for her address and phone number, which she rather horrifyingly gave them, giving me nightmares of prank phone calls and kids driving by the house and stalkers and fake MySpace pages. And, you know, maybe it's all innocent, and they really can tell that under the baggy T-shirts she wears, she's hot and sexy, and the guys are just being appreciative. Maybe they're all just stupid overwhelmed freshmen together. But, yikes. This is what I do with this information. I worry.

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katiemae2581 said...

Harassment by older kids? It comes with the territory...I can imagine how painful it must be, but the best defense against teenage hormonal-retardation is a healthy sense of self-worth and plenty of love from the core family members. When a girl feels like she "deserves more" than what a teenage boy can offer her, she can achieve more than she ever thought possible!