Saturday, September 01, 2007

The games kids play

My daughter just finished this year's round of Band Camp for her high school marching band. On the last night of camp, they have a barbecue and some time to just play together. In the past there have been football games. I remember last year, the band director mentioned that times have changed and soccer is now the sport the kids are playing. This year, my daughter played volleyball with her friends, and other kids passed a football and kicked a soccer ball.

And some other kids? They played cricket.

When my daughter said that, I thought surely she must be mistaken. But now there are photos posted online of the event, and indeed, these New Jersey high schoolers appear to have a cricket bat and wickets, although that sure looks like a tennis ball they're hitting.

Did I miss a memo? Are U.S. kids playing cricket now? I've got to believe it's just one kid with a weird sense of humor learning an unusual sport for kicks, and showing it off to his friends. Kind of cool, actually. But ... cricket? really?


Karen DeBolt said...

I haven't seen Cricket around here, but La Crosse has gotten quite popular! It sounds so "upper crust" or something that it cracks me up to think about our very suburban neighborhood kids play La Crosse.

I wonder if its the influence of the internet spreading new sports around?

Terri said...

Could be. I wonder.

We've got Lacrosse here pretty big too. It looks to me like the kid who's supervising the Cricket in the photos is a kid who was into Lacrosse early, too, so maybe he's just some kind of sports early adopter.