Monday, July 12, 2010

New Site, Same as the Old Site

Just moved Mothers With Attitude (the main site, not this blog) over to a much cheaper Web host, hooray! You should notice absolutely nothing different, same mishmash of styles from when I ran out of steam in a redesign. So far, looks like everything still works the way it should, or doesn't work same as always. Success!

Unless it's just toying with me, and everything is about to fall apart. Could happen. I know enough about technology to sort of make myself think I know what I'm doing, but not enough to actually know. Anyway, if anybody saw "under construction" signs today and worried, I'm back.


Hopeful Parents said...

Hi there,

I tried contacting you with the e-mail link, but it sent me to Yahoo. I'd love to get in touch. I'm Christina Shaver from Hopeful Parents. When you have a chance could you please e-mail me at



Ellen said...

Hey, Terri. I just found out you have a blog! I will be stopping by more often. You are a driving force of inspiration in the special needs community.

Terri said...

Ellen, what a sweet thing to say! I really appreciate it, coming from someone whose writing I so enjoy. This blog is a little musty, but I'm trying to get it going again. Not sure how many good words I have left after writing my blog, but I guess we'll find out ...