Friday, September 03, 2010

School year is a go

Finally got my son's schedule for the school year (with less than a week to spare), and it's ... wow, it's perfect. This is seriously the first time since he's been in high school that there wasn't a duplicate class or a wrong placement that I had to call and complain about. Not only that, but all possible opportunities to have the same class as a friend came through, and he has a friend with him for lunch, too. Several of his teachers are ones my daughter had before him, so I feel like I have some relationships already established. This is a huge year for him, the first time without self-contained classes, just inclusion, resource, and regular-education. He does still have adaptive gym, his one remaining protected spot, but that one I'll cling to for the duration. For the rest, I'm ... really, really interested to see how he's going to do. Judging by his summer homework performance, I think he's up for it. Starting next Tuesday, we'll see.

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