Tuesday, March 08, 2011

ID Badges

Here's a mystery: My son loves ID badges, makes up his own ID badges on the computer and prints them and laminates them and wears them constantly when he's at home, makes badges for friends and makes them wear them, is constantly fascinated with the badges of workers and teachers and other people he sees. Yet, when he has an actual real ID badge of his own that he has to wear, he wants no part of it. It's so weird to get a note home complaining that his boy who has 50 homemade badges hanging up in his room is in trouble for not wearing his school ID. What's up with that? Why is that badge of all badges not worthy?


VictoriaB said...

Hmmmm... Could he wear one of his homemade ones on the lanyard along with the school ID?

Terri said...

Love that idea, but I think the school has rules against it. Also, he might be embarrassed to have his peers see what he does at home. This would be a lot easier if he weren't a junior in high school having his first full inclusion experience this year.