Monday, May 07, 2012

Not So Super: I've written a lot on my site about slurs against people with disabilities in films, but it's been a while -- maybe since Orphan? -- since the adoption community has gotten up in arms over a hurtful movie line, plot, or portrayal. There's a film in theaters now, though, that's earning some outrage, and unfortunately, it's the one that also earned the biggest first-weekend opening ever. That would be The Avengers, and the fact that Thor offhandedly explains the behavior of the film's villain, his brother, with the throwaway line "He's adopted" has many adoptees and adoptive parents feeling like the Hulk, particularly when it gets a laugh from the audience. Like so many slurs, it's a line that would not at all be missed if it had been snipped from the script, and it's something that surely someone, somewhere along the way, someplace in the cast or the crew, could have pointed out as needlessly offensive. There are plenty of movies that intend to offend, but it's almost more discouraging when ones that clearly do not have that agenda let lines like this in because nobody thought it through. If you'd like to let the filmmakers know that's unacceptable, there's a petition at seeking an apology.

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