Monday, August 20, 2018

The Stages of Grief After Someone Rejects Your Child or Young Adult with Special Needs

  1. Anger at the rejecting party.
  2. Anger at yourself for having put your child in a position to be rejected.
  3. Anger at every naysaying professional who ever put limits on your kid for forcing you to be constantly challenging that child to prove them wrong
  4. Anger at all the voices in your head of people who thought this wasn't going to work out well and what could you possibly have been thinking.
  5. Anger at yourself because obviously those voices were right, and what were you thinking.
  6. Anger at everyone and everything and the whole awful mean mean world.
  7. Acceptance that people just suck.
  8. Planning for the next thing that will absolutely find your child included and will show everyone how wrong they were. What were they thinking?

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