Friday, February 14, 2003

Happy Valentine's Day

I've been wondering at what grade level kids stop wanting to give Valentines to everyone in their class, and now I know: fifth grade. At least that's true for my daughter, who has always been perfectly willing to write out little cards to each and every one of her classmates but this year wanted no part of it. She swore that they didn't make little mailboxes in class this year, no list of names came home, and she was adament that she didn't have to do it this time, didn't want to do it, wouldn't do it. If she comes home with a bunch of unrequited cards, I'm going to feel bad, but she probably won't.

If your kid obsesses about Valentine's Day school etiquette the way I seem to be, there are some discussion tips here. We're not going altogether greeting-less this year; my son did Valentines for his special-ed class, and my girl did agree to bring some candy for her teacher, aide and therapist. But I'm sure she and her classmates are already looking ahead to middle school, when they'll put away childish things and start giving Valentines like they mean it, and then of course I will have to worry if she DOES want to give someone a card, and if she gets any that are at all meaningful. Guess I should enjoy the lull.

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