Saturday, February 01, 2003

School lunches from all over

I'm pretty happy with the lunches at my kids' school, mostly because they're affordable and save me the trouble of having to pack lunches myself. The offerings seem decent enough, neither as unhealthy as selections I 've heard of at other schools nor as surreal as ones I remember from my own youth. Occasionally my son or daughter will ask for extra money to buy chips or cookies, but they get none from me: Eat what's on the tray is my response. And if they complain about that, I'm going to show them this editorial from today's New York Times, which lists the particulars of school lunches in several different countries. The aim is to show how healthful the meals are in, say, Moscow or Paris as opposed to New York. But I know that when my kiddos complain about their bill of fare, just showing them the South Korean menu of Squid with Hot Sauce and Radish Kimchi will make their cafeteria chow seem a whole lot less scary.

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