Wednesday, March 26, 2003

New on Mothers with Attitude

We loaded up on goodies right before our Cool Site of the Day Sunday, but never announced them here. So hop over to Mothers with Attitude and check out ... April Cain's moving Thinking It Over column on the effect that Sudden Infant Death Syndrome has had on her family ... Julie Donner Andersen's Therapeutic Laughing column on the effect that an additional child has had on the decibel level in her home ... the addition of Wrightslaw special education books to our Parenting Special Needs bookstore ... new features on our news page, including expanded headlines, quotes of the day, word of the day and This Day in History links ... a word game of the day from the folks at Merriam-Webster on our fun and games page ... and Just Managing, a new e-mail support list for parents handling their children's challenging behavior through behavior management instead of meds (unless my husband and I are the only parents in America who are doing this, which, judging from the fact that the huge influx of visitors to the site on Sunday yielded nary a list member, may indeed be true. But it's not much fun to e-mail myself.)

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