Sunday, March 09, 2003

Your Internet shopper

Searching the Web to bring you things you never knew where to find, or never knew you needed in the first place ... If you've got a kid who's mature enough not to want to wear a diaper but physically in need of one nonetheless, Drymids offers four undergarment designs that look like regular undies (there's even a sporty pair of boxer shorts) but contain a hidden absorbant pad. The kids in the photos on the site sure look happy about it. ... If you love someone with autism, you can show it with products from The Autism Online Store, which declare, well, "I Love Someone with Autism," on everything from coffee mugs to boxer shorts. ... If you've got an IEP meeting coming up (my son's is mid-April), the Mothers with Attitude Store now offers a bunch of products with its popular totebag slogan, "My child has an IEP* *Involved, educated parent." You can find it on t-shirts, sweatshirts and stickers, but sadly not on boxer shorts, because, um, we hope you're not showing THOSE to the Child Study Team. ... If your kid's in need of some midday support (no, not the kind provided by Drymids), Messages for Kids has just the thing: cute little greeting-card-like missives for Mom to tuck in the lunchbox. Too bad my kids get hot lunch. ... If your kid has proprioceptive sensory integration issues and likes things like weighted vests, you can get him or her a weighted quilt from Quiet Quilt. Designed by a mom who loves someone with autism and custom-made, the quilts aren't cheap ($170 for a full-size, $87 for a mini version and $27 for lap size), but you can register at the site to win a lap quilt in a monthly contest. Or you can do what we do, and bury your squiggly kid under the heaviest afghan in the house.

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