Thursday, January 15, 2004

Snow Day

My kids had a snow day off from school today. I'd like to say we did all sorts of sweet family things with our surprise day of togetherness -- made a snowman, designed art projects, baked cookies, watched a movie all snuggled under a blanket -- but mostly my daughter watched TV, my son played in his room, and I messed around on the computer. It was relaxing enough, and the day off didn't interfere with my work schedule in a significant way, so I really didn't mind it; the worst part of school being cancelled was that my child study team meeting for my daughter was cancelled, too. I'd been looking forward to that meeting for over a month, and was all ready with questions and suggestions and bees in my bonnet, and now I'll have to wait some more. It couldn't have snowed on Friday instead?

Some of what I did while I was tooling around the internet today was get started on my second moderating job at the Web site: In addition to the Education and Reading board, I'm now overseeing the board for Special Needs Children. Thanks to anyone who's stopped by to help me get the reading board going, and please join me in this new space, too. Don't wait for the next snow day -- waste more time on the Net now!

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