Tuesday, January 27, 2004

Special Needs in the News

1. A story in yesterday's New York Times ponders whether the seeming increase in the number of cases of autism is real, or just reflects increased awareness and diagnosis. Does it matter? Find a cure already!

2. The Times also has an editorial criticizing educators who think the new high standards of "No Child Left Behind" shouldn't apply to kids in special education. The editorialist's view is that kids with special needs need teachers who know how to teach them, not to be exempted from testing, and, well, who can argue with that? Yet somehow, I think it's not that simple. There's more discussion of No Child Left Behind and special-ed on Child.com's Education and Reading message board, and of the IDEA reauthorization on the Special Needs Children board. Come vent with us.

3. This Health Day news roundup includes a story on treating childhood phobias, and one on why parents with ADHD should also be treated (and no, not because your kid drives you crazy).

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