Monday, March 22, 2004

And you thought Tupperware parties were bad

I've heard of Botox parties and piercing parties, but this one really brings things to a new level: a nurse in Texas has been inviting her friends to colonoscopy parties -- and amazingly, they're still her friends. What could be more fun, after all, than getting together with the girls for an uncomfortable and invasive medical procedure? The "hostess" decorates the medical facility with signs like "I'm proud to be a party pooper" and hands out silly awards like "the worst prep," then the guests all cheer each other on as they're wheeled off for the procedure. One shudders to think what might be next if this sort of medical merriment catches on. Mammography parties? X-ray adventures? Surgical sleep-overs? I suppose if I really think about it, I've been to parties that may have been somewhat less fun than a colonoscopy, but all the same, I think I prefer to undergo my medical procedures when nobody I know is anywhere in the vicinity, much less throwing confetti.

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