Wednesday, March 24, 2004

You Are What You Eat

Are you a hard-driving, type-A potato-chip lover? An introspective snack-cracker snarfer? Maybe the outgoing meat-snack type, or peppy with a pretzel preference? Does your bleeding heart beat for tortilla chips, or do you conscientiously long for cheese curls? Ridiculous as it may seem (and we agree, it seems pretty ridiculous), the Smell & Taste Treatment Research Foundation has conducted a study that proves that your favorite snack food has a meaningful connection to your personality type. If that's not enough farcical food research for you, check out the Foundation's deep-thinking study on the connection between garlic bread and positive family interactions. See, here you thought that your dinnertime was a disaster because of your children's behavioral problems or your own parenting weakness, little suspecting that all you had to do was pop a Pepperidge Farm loaf in the oven and wait for the garlic aroma to work its magic. What would we do without research?

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