Thursday, June 10, 2004

Introducing the "So Much for Sainthood..." Award

I've been thinking a lot lately about how my conception of myself -- as a mom who's pretty on top of her children's needs and issues and tries hard to get them what they need -- and other people's conception of me -- too often, as some kind of saint who gives her all for these challenged children -- is often at odds with the nitty gritty of my daily life, which all too often involves losing my temper unecessarily, spending more time playing on the computer than playing with my kids, and choosing the most expedient path over the most enriching one. I think about this on mornings when I send my son to school in clothes stained with whatever he had for breakfast, because I don't have the time or energy or will to go through dressing him again; or when I do my daughter's homework for her because I don't have the smarts and the stamina to reteach and rehearse and remind her to learn it on her own.

I do my best, just as I tell my children to do, but for sure I'm no saint, and a lot of the time I'm barely competent. In the hope that other folks feel this same way, I hereby institute the "So Much for Sainthood..." Award, and invite anyone who wants to share their own embarrassing or silly stories to do so on the Mothers with Attitude Sounding Board. I haven't figured out what prize might be offered periodically to the saddest sack amongst us, but particularly amusing or mortifying examples of motherly bungling will, with the permission of the transgressors (and their names disguised), be featured on the Mothers with Attitude home page. Anyone game?

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