Wednesday, June 23, 2004

Raiding the Parent's Portfolio

When I first started the Parent's Portfolio on Mothers with Attitude, it was with the hope that people would steal my stuff. I'd been frustrated with the lack of templates for the kinds of things I wanted to write for my kids -- instructions to teachers, additions to IEPs, behavior plans -- that I hoped to provide some for other moms by posting the documents I finally came up with. I'm happy to report that the first case of outright theft reported to me -- a behavior plan for a post-institutionalized child with hearing impairment, written by Marie Lowry and based heavily on my behavior plan for my FASD son -- is now posted to the portfolio as well, for further pilfering. If you've written something useful in advocating for your child and would like to pass it on to other parents, please e-mail it to me and I'll add it to the portfolio. And if you're needing a good list of accommodations or a way to explain your child's disabilities, please feel free to adapt anything in the portfolio to your own use. There's a copyright on most of the pages because I don't want them ending up uncredited on someone else's website, but they're entirely available -- and intended -- for the personal use of parents. Just share your rewrites, 'kay?

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