Tuesday, August 10, 2004

Dressed to kill

We did a little back-to-school shopping today at an outlet mall near our vacation spot, and my daughter about scared me to death. Bad enough she kept picking out shirts in the $40-$50 range (not much of a discount outlet was this, as I discovered belatedly), but she then selected a pair of jersey knit pants that left very little anatomical detail to the imagination. She's always been a baggy-pants kind of girl -- preferring loose sweatpants and long shirts to the tight hip-huggers and cut-off tops her peers seem to like -- so seeing her prancing about in front of the three-way mirror at J. Crew, thrusting her hips and singing about how cool she looked in her clingy knits, was rather a lot for my motherly heart to bear. I was able to talk her into looking around some more, and we finally found some non-hip-hugging jeans at the Gap that really were on sale, and that were both comfortable and cool enough (and modest enough, but we won't talk about that) to get her vote. The tops she finally settled on were mostly too expensive but not too too expensive, and nicely oversized. For the moment, then, I've dodged the teen bombshell bullet. But it was awfully close for comfort.

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