Friday, August 06, 2004

Penny projects

We've started a new incentive plan here at home -- like buying a new datebook or a new purse, starting a new motivational strategy with the kids is something I have to do periodically to keep myself organized and interested. This time, instead of tokens or checkmarks or stars, I'm giving my children pennies when I catch them doing something good, whether an assigned chore or a random bit of cooperation. It's a sign of my kids' emotional immaturity that they're at all motivated by pennies, I guess, but we've made little banks from old tennis-ball containers, and that along with a promise to take the pennies to the cash-in machine at the supermarket when the containers are full seems to be enough for them. If they ever do need an extra little boost, I'll have to show them this site so they can see what a few pennies can do. Well, more than a few: the site uses pennies to provide concrete examples of enormous numbers. Hey, kids, why bother with the cash-in machine? Let's collect enough pennies to fill the Empire State Building! Now that's some good behavior.

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