Sunday, January 02, 2005

Getting in the reading habit

How often do you read with your child? When our kids are little and lap-sized and wild about Dr. Seuss, reading regularly is a joy that most parents regularly avail themselves of. But when they get older and engrossed in schoolwork, when the books get longer and more time-consuming to read, and when -- for so many of our kids -- enthusiasm for books gets dampened by reading comprehension problems, reading together too often becomes a chore for all concerned. My daughter hates reading, and has hated it for years. She's likened it to staring at black marks on a page. She even hates Harry Potter, which is something like heresy for a kid these days. But despite her often-considerable resistance, I've managed to keep up a chapter-a-day reading routine with her for the past few years, and although it hasn't magically transformed her into a lover of books, it has enormously improved her skills in decoding and comprehension. Practice may not make perfect, but it makes stronger. If you want to start a reading routine with your child -- or can't imagine how on earth you would manage it -- check out these tips for getting started.

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