Saturday, March 19, 2005

Silver linings

It's funny sometimes how bad things make you notice good things so much more. I would never have wished for my son to hurt his arm, but in the aftermath of that accident I've become aware of some surprising little maturity leaps he's taken lately. How patient he was while waiting in the ER; how still he sat for the X-ray technician, how cooperative he was with her in learning how to place his arm on the table; how unconcerned he is about having a splint on his arm. It was only about two years ago, when he needed an MRI and an EEG for seizures, that we couldn't even imagine not knocking him out for those procedures. It was unthinkable that he would be able to understand that he had to lie still, much less get his neurological act together to do it. Yet there he was on Thursday, perfectly unmoving for the camera, perfectly understanding. I bet he could take that MRI now without meds, bet he could tolerate the EEG electrodes glued to his scalp. When did that happen? When did he become sensory un-defensive enough to tolerate a heavy binding itchy thing on his arm? I bet even he didn't know he could go for days without sucking his fingers; I suspect he believed just as hard as I did that it was essential to his emotional equilibrium. But he's been quite balanced these last few days. Who knew? Not me.

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