Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Enough of that high-minded stuff

I got an e-mail from my utility company today that cracked me up. It linked to this story with the amusingly realistic title "Go Green and Feel Smug." Enough of all that saving the world stuff; somebody's finally figured out that the way to make people want to be more environmentally responsible is to point out they can lord it over the neighbors.

Not sure "My carbon footprint is smaller than your carbon footprint" is going to catch on, but it's a nice try.

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Lola said...

I had my family visiting last spring. My youngest brother overheard me telling my dh that I wanted an electric lawnmower.

He called me on it. Never mind that I can't get the power started on the noisy nasty Toro, he knew deep down I wanted to be "green". I just hate being so transparent. (BTW, he's written plenty of papers in college on the bogus side of the "green" industry. For instance, is bamboo flooring really green if it has to be shipped 10k miles to your home?)

Your site is a hoot. Even with all the stuff we deal with as a parents, you still have your sense of humor intact!