Thursday, September 03, 2009

School craze

I make a big deal in my book about getting your child off to school as calm as possible, plenty of time, no stress, no yelling, no rushing. And boy, did I blow that today, on the very first day of school. Everybody was up and ready in plenty of time, but I let my son have a little too much alone time, and then we were rushing, and then we were halfway to school before I realized he didn't have his schedule, and we had to run back home, and there was some yelling and panicking and melting down (mostly me, but still). I hope that's the most out-of-control part of his day, but given the fact that his aide didn't have the right schedule when we met her and has no idea of what classes he's in, I'd think not.

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Blue times two said...

I have definitely been there, done that! My new school year resolution is going to be to do better! I have a friend who uses a website called Qwizzy's World to create study guides and quizzes for her children using their own individualized curriculum, and she sometimes uses the promise of doing a fun quiz to get her kids moving. The quizzes can be printed out and used on the run, too, if you're running late like I usually am! I was a really punctual person pre-kids, so I am working hard to get back to my old habits!!!