Friday, September 25, 2009

Side of the Road Rage

Why do the people who come to my little cul de sac to wait for their kids after school feel that it's appropriate to park at a stop sign and block my driveway and clog the entrance to my street? Who does that? Where are their manners? This is the kind of thing that makes neighborhoods pull up the welcome mat and get the police to keep people away. I don't mind people turning around in my driveway -- we removed the cement blocks the previous owners had to prevent that -- and I don't mind them sitting in front of my house. But if you're parked in front of my driveway when my daughter's trying to come home for work or my husband's trying to get out after lunch ... honesty, what is the matter with you?


Anonymous said...

I live in an apartment complex and a guy who is home about two weeks out of the months parks his huge F950 diagonally across two parking spots.

Pretty hard to park, never mind navigate a two year old while holding a 2 month old in a carseat!

Thanks for your writings!


Aurelia said...

Some people just don't think :(