Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Here's Why I Don't Clean My House: I recently took some time to polish our good-wood dining-room table. Looks great -- except I set the can of polish on the table at some point, and it was apparently wet on the bottom, because when I was done with the elbow grease, there were three new can-shaped rings marring the finish. So I grabbed a bottle of another wood-cleaning solution, and went at the rings with that ... but of course, I put the bottle on the table at some point, and it too was wet, having come from the same spot under the sink as the polish, and so the net effect was the addition of two rectangular marks that also will not come off. So fine a housekeeper am I.


andrea frazer said...

I found you through some top 10 list and I'm glad I did! I am right there with you on needing humor to get through the day. My son has Tourette Syndrome, and I'll about supporting other moms to accept the tics they cannot change, change the tics they can, and have the wisdom to know the difference. It's nice to know other moms out there are on a similar journey! Best to you and congrats on coming to the end of the IEP meetings soon! (I'm just at the beginning.)

Terri Mauro said...

Hi, Andrea! I'm glad you found it too! I've added your blog to my RSS rounds. If you get a minute, you should add it to the listing on my site at I don't envy you just starting out with the IEP meetings. I'm getting ready to do a little dance when my IEP days are done, done, done.