Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Talking the Talk: It's well past Halloween, but here's a scary story for your Tuesday -- a post on the blog Bloom stressing that yes, you really really do need to talk to your child with special needs about sex. If you accept that premise but have no idea how to go about doing it, may I recommend The Rules of Sex: Social and Legal Guidelines for Those Who Have Never Been Told, a very straightforward take on the subject designed for use with children who have developmental disabilities. It's one of those books you'll want to pick and choose from as suits your child's particular needs and your particular comfort level, but it provides a good base from which to start, and some good reasons for doing so.

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Jen said...

When I found out about my daughter's problems (at birth) I prayed for her to grow up and have a happy and healthy life - including having a happy and healthy sex life. I couldn't face the thought of her not experiencing the love that brought her into the world.

That said - she is VERY small for her age. The hardest thing I EVER had to do was remind her that she needed to take birth control because she is so easily overpowered and she has been advised not to get pregnant under any circumstances. Watching her come to the understanding that I was worried that someone would rape her was difficult. Especially since she had only recently started dating for the first time. It was hard, but knowing that she is safer is worth it.