Wednesday, February 01, 2012 2012 Readers' Choice AwardsMore Nomination Nagging: In case there's anybody here who hasn't already been nagged by me on my site or Twitter or Facebook to nominate stuff for the Readers' Choice Awards already, consider yourself pestered. Since I pick the finalists based for the most part on how many nominations particular resources have received, I really need folks to nominate and nominate again and encourage others to do so. Please take a look at all eight categories and see if you can come up with some worthy candidates  -- I put a lot of work into this as a way to celebrate writers and organizations that are making a difference for families of kids with special needs, and it helps a lot to have ideas from readers other than myself, and enough of a groundswell on some of them that I'm not just picking finalists at random. The competition part of it is kind of a necessary evil, but can be fun I think if we all run with it a little. If you can only manage one category, take a look at Favorite Special-Needs Regional Resource. Is there a local organization in your area that could use some attention or a rallying point? It could be a parent support group, Special Olympics branch, special-education advocacy group, anything you'd like to give a shout-out to. Thanks, and nominate early and often. (By the way, if you'd like to nominate your own blog or book, you are entirely welcome to so. If you're moved to nominate any of my blogs or sites ... aw, that's sweet! But since it's my contest, I'll have to put myself out of the running.)

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