Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Gee, EEG: So we're going to a fair amount of trouble to do an ambulatory EEG with my son, mostly because I think he may be having absence seizures and also wonder if some of his odd movements might be seizure-related. Plenty of other possible causes, but I'm curious, and professionals are taking my word for it. So now, what do I hope for from this test? On one hand, I hope that seizures will show up, because then I will feel justified in having put him through this, we'll be able to let people know that he's not just ignoring them when he does that, I'll get a gold star next to my name for being right, etc. But ... geez, I don't really want to hope he has seizures. But none showing up on the test doesn't necessarily prove he doesn't have them, just that he didn't just then. So I don't feel like I can really hope the test comes up blank, either. Boy, did I enjoy that long stretch of time when we hopped off the merry-go-round and decided not to look for problems for a while. Not loving the return.

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Jen Bristow said...

I hope it works out. For me it always feels like an involuntary polar bear plunge - in the middle of the Atlantic... Mine goes several years and then the pacemaker acts up or she suddenly OD's on her heart meds... (they call it toxicity when the docs do it to you...)

Hang in there.