Thursday, January 10, 2013

College Self-Advocacy Etiquette Question: My son was given the opportunity to retake a final exam, in the college testing center, to try to pass it and with it the class. He did so last Thursday, a week ago today. His professor, to whom we are grateful for this chance, said he'd grade it and let him know by Tuesday how he did. Two days ago. No word. How soon is it okay to write a polite e-mail reminding/nagging the professor that this student is waiting to know his fate? Too soon, and I'd worry about ticking the prof off before he's graded the thing. Too late, and I'd worry he forgot all about it and the chance to pass the class would drift by. On the one hand, things will certainly resolve, and there's probably no real harm in waiting, and no basis to my worries. On the other hand, the suspense is freakin' killing us. What would you advise? I'm holding the Mama Bear aggressive advocacy impulses down for now, but pretty soon she's gonna blow.

Did Mama Bear roar? Read the follow-up post.

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