Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Might Be Handy for IEP Meetings, Though: Last night, a link on the top of my gmail -- one of those advertising links that I usually ignore, but this time, could it really be what I think it is? -- led me to a website selling, God help us, bulletproof backpacks for kids. The idea, as explained in the sell copy, was that when your child starts hearing gunfire at school, he can grab the backpack and use it as a shield as he flees the building. Now, how that's supposed to work when most schools make kids keep their packs in their cubbies or lockers is not explained. I guess if you're going to send your child to school with an armor-plated bookbag, you'd get a dispensation from the administration to keep it near his desk at all times, so he can provide cover for his classmates as well. The backpack sells for $300, and it made me wonder how much it would cost to get, say, a child-sized bulletproof vest. You'd get a weighted vest for your child's proprioceptive needs and the illusion of protection, all in one.

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