Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Advice for Parents on Jobs for Kids

No, I don’t have that advice right at the moment, sorry. I’m struggling along with getting good employment for my adult kids just like you are. Right now we’re ... sort of fine. They both have jobs they like, though they don’t have full-time work or even as much work as they could handle, if you ask me. The parent part of me is trying to be content with the fact that they’re content and usefully engaged at least half the week or so. The advocate part of me wants to kick down doors and take names like nobody’s business.

Since experience has showed me that the advocate part is not as effective in work situations as it was in school situations (and *%&$*#, maybe it didn’t make as many great moves in school situations as I thought the time, or so I reflect endlessly at night when I can’t sleep but only second-guess), I’m considering channeling some of that righteous energy into a resource to help parents of kids with intellectual and developmental disabilities (or similar issues) who’ve been forced into the role of untrained, unskilled, untalented employment counselors.

To start brainstorming this idea, I’ve put together a little survey on what parents might find useful in such a resource. If you could take a few minutes and fill it out, I’d appreciate it. It’d also be great if you could share it on social media; send people here or directly to the form at Thanks for your help?

Monday, May 06, 2019

Encouraging Words, Week 9

Every day or so this week, I'll be sharing a few encouraging words for parents of kids with special needs on SoundCloud and Riffr. I'll collect them here in this post for easier listening, and you can also find them on the bottom of my homepage at


Today's Love Note: You Know What You're Doing.


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