Monday, January 06, 2020


I’m resolving to be calmer this year, to not look for problems, to count blessings and be grateful, and ... yeah, that’s realistic. Think I could probably give up coffee easier than I could give up worrying. In a Parenting Roundabout episode recently, I advised new parents to not look ahead for problems but enjoy their children right where they are, and man, that’s good advice. How I wish I could follow it. I’m trying to tell myself that anxiety over things that might happen, from the probable to the unlikely, is making me miserable now when it might never get a chance to make me miserable later, and what’s up with that. Stop it! I’m trying to practice meditative prayer and gratitude to get my mind off its but what about this terrible thing that could maybe happen? track. If I’m going to constantly live with projections of the future, how about some good projections, like, but what if I manage to be peaceful and hopeful and in the moment for twelve months? Could happen. I bought a fancy gratitude journal and everything, so obviously I’m going to be successful. What are you optimistically deluding yourself about right now?