Wednesday, January 22, 2003

Around the Web

There's an interesting book discussion on on "Motherhood Lost: A Feminist Account of Pregnancy Loss in America" by anthropologist Linda L. Layne. Two editors who are currently pregnant but previously miscarried talk about the book and their personal experiences, and while I've never suffered a miscarriage (never even got as far as the conception part), I can certainly relate to envying pregnant women and feeling less interesting to OB-GYNs when the OB part of the picture drops out of focus. I don't know if any of this discussion makes me more likely to read the book -- less likely, maybe -- but the conversation's interesting reading all by itself. ... Adoptive parents with children from Russia or Ukraine may want to stop by this site to take a survey on the accuracy or in- of the preadoptive health information they received on their little ones. We were lucky to receive very accurate information -- maybe because we were specifically looking for special needs -- and so the language of this survey seems slanted to me in favor of blaming agencies. But since the blameworthy experience many parents have had with dishonest agencies is probably the impetus for surveys like this, that's probably unavoidable. ... The Sensory Integration Network Web site has had a facelift; stop by and check out the new design. I haven't browsed through it enough to see if all the good old information is there, but it sure looks organized.

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