Monday, January 13, 2003

Support and fiery humor

If you're afraid your child's educators see you as the Mother from Hell -- or, more likely, if you're proud of that designation -- you should know that there's an organization just for you. Mothers from Hell 2 is, as their Web site proclaims, "a national group of parents, relatives, friends, and anyone who just plain 'gets it' fighting chipped tooth and broken press-on nail for the appropriate education, community acceptance, desperately needed services, rights of and entitlements for individuals with disabilities. ... MFH2 offers more support than a 44DD underwire and more empowerment than a tanker full of caffeine, chocolate & Viagra!" A $10 annual membership gets you a subscription to the quarterly Brimstone Bulletin, access to a members-only list serve, and 10% off MFH2 merchandise. Wear one of their T-shirts to your next IEP meeting and child study teams will cower at your feet. (Hey, bring one of our tote bags, too.)

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