Sunday, January 05, 2003

Last year's hottest health stories

InteliHealth lists the Top 10 Health/Medical Stories of 2002, at least as so judged by the Harvard Medical School faculty. The one that's most interesting to parents in particular is "6. Increasing Rate Of Type 2 Diabetes In Children." The one that was the biggest deal to me, personally, in 2002 was "1. The Limits Of Hormone-Replacement Therapy." And the one that I'm looking at as my big story for 2003 is "2. Walter Willett's Healthy Eating Pyramid," which mixes up the order of the standard USDA food pyramid to put red meat, butter, refined grains, starches and sweets at the tiny tip-top and whole grains and vegetable oils at the eat-a-lot bottom. It reflects a lot of what I've been thinking would be an improvement in my eating habits, and a lot of what I've heard would be best for the kiddos. It will probably go the way of most New Year's resolutions, but dietary backsliding is a Top 10 health story of mine now and forever.

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