Monday, June 02, 2003

A good look at learning difficulties

The site just keeps getting prettier and more content-packed. Every time I check back here, they seem to have rearranged and redesigned and reconceptualized their info to such an extent that I can no longer find the really good thing I found there before and have to surf endlessly through all the new good things to find it. Sure is a slick and appealing piece of work, though. A little corporate, maybe; it lacks the homespun, er, personality of a site actually put together by one hard-working and oft-procrastinating individual, but more than makes up for it with features up the wazoo. Articles, quizzes, surveys, message boards, audio excerpts, newsletters, downloadable booklets and flyers, an events calendar, advocacy advice, photos of smiling children whose learning problems disappeared when mom finally found, even "panic pages" for when you need a little help to focus. Personally, when I need to focus, the last thing that works is to go to a site as rich in features to poke around in as this one. If you don't already have an attention disorder, this site will probably give it to you. And also tell you what to do about it. In detail. With a quiz after.

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