Saturday, June 07, 2003

Welcome, Wichita

According to the traffic statistics for Mothers with Attitude, we've been having a nice little influx of folks from the Wichita, Kansas, area since someone named Lauragail put our link under her favorites on the KSN News site. After poking around a bit I still haven't pinned down exactly who Lauragail is, but she obviously has great taste in Web sites. I've personally never been to Wichita, but I did live in Kansas City, Missouri, for a short time many years ago, back when I was young and thought I knew everything. I was working for Hallmark and would from time to time travel to Kansas City, Kansas, to visit friends; and may have driven across a corner of Kansas to get to the Nebraska State Fair; but never made it as far west as Wichita. At any rate, greetings to any Wichitans who made it far enough into the site to find this blog, and say thanks to Lauragail for us.

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