Thursday, May 20, 2004

My hero

I've been struck down by allergies over the past week or so, just feeling drippy and droopy and coughy and itchy and generally full of gunk. Today I lost my voice, which always makes a big impression on the kids, especially when I try to yell and wind up squeaking instead. My son, noble lad that he is, declared this morning that he would make the supreme sacrifice and stay home from school to take care of me. To my protestations he put up a hand and said, no no, I shouldn't try to talk him out of it, he wouldn't hear of it, he was happy to do this for me. I finally prevailed upon him to not give up his educational opportunities of the day just for poor old me, and he agreed to compromise: When he got home from school, he'd take care of me. No playing with his cousin, no doing his homework, no, not a thought of it -- he would be my nursemaid. Such a selfless guy. I'll have to schedule a nice long nap so that he can get that homework done after all.

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