Sunday, May 02, 2004

Spring cleaning

My big accomplishment this weekend was cleaning out my son's room -- and if you have a kid who's a packrat, you know what a challenge that can be. I'm a bit of a packrat myself, so I'm sympathetic to his desire to want to hang on to, for example, every piece of paper that passes through his hands, but when it gets to the point that you need snowshoes to make it from one end of his room to another, something's gotta give. My plan was to put each group of items -- toy cars, receipts, multi-piece activity sets, pajamas, car magazines, play food, miscellaneous unidentifiable pieces of "treasure" -- in its own box, so that end-of-day clean-up would be streamlined. And I mostly managed, although now instead of toy upon toy we have box upon box. To up the degree of difficulty, we decided to rearrange furniture as part of this particular clean-up, and though it's the same furniture in the same room, we seem to have ended up with less floor-space for piling things. At any rate, there's now a place for everything, and at least this evening, at the end of Day One of clean-room-time, everything went back to its place. Anybody want to make a bet as to how long that good habit will last? Guess low.

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