Tuesday, May 11, 2004

What, her worry?

We've had some real crash-bang-boom thunderstorms here the last couple of nights, and my daughter has not freaked out. This is a major accomplishment, because thunder has long been a major fear factor for her. She's become hysterical, crying and panicking, over much softer thunderclaps and lightening flashes in the past. But last night, when I suggested she come to my room to wait out the noise, she said she thought she could make it through on her own. And tonight, she said that just listening to music and being cozy in her bed had been enough to keep her calm, even though she was still afraid. I'm hoping this is the beginning of an overall mastery of fear and anxiety for her. That would be a major, major thing. We've been talking a lot about the "worry brain" and how it does not give reliable information, and what the "smart brain" can do to counteract those scary and undependable messages. Maybe some of it is sinking in.

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