Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The Arc of Advocacy: Disability Scoop had an item yesterday titled Most Parents Pleased With Role In Child's IEP, which right there made my eyebrows raise. Really? Then I guess it's the vocal minority that writes all the books and the angry blog posts. One thing that particularly amused me was this line: "What’s more, parents of younger students were also more likely to be satisfied, the researchers said, suggesting that burnout plays a role as students age." I'd say, rather, there is an arc of advocacy, from abject gratitude to all these learned people who want to help this child you are so fearful for, to growing awareness that these learned people know less about your child than you do, to increasingly heated insistence on having your voice heard and your views considered, to insistence on being the loudest voice, to increasing compromise and acceptance and yeah, at the end, where I am now, a fair degree of burnout. I remember how incredibly pleased I was with my role in my child's IEP when they were in preschool, and how pissed-off I was about it a few years later because I was being disregarded, and how uncomfortable I was a few years after that because I was being listened to perhaps too much, and weren't these other people being paid to provide their expert opinions? Hard to please, yes, I am. It's my kid's life, you know?

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