Friday, January 06, 2012

Just Managing: Today's topic on The Inclusive Class radio show was classroom management, and boy, talk about something that's vital to the success of students with special needs and yet tough for their parents to control. Often by the time I found out that a classroom-management problem was responsible for my son's behavior problems, most of the year was over. And even if you do develop a network of school contacts who will clue you in on problems, how does a parent address that, exactly? It's become such a cliche that bad parents blame everything on the teacher and nothing on their kid, but sometimes ... sometimes, you know what, sometimes the teacher is the environment that needs to be changed. If you're lucky, you have a teacher who can whisper in your ear all the things to demand in an IEP so that your child will not get that teacher the following year. At any rate, listen to the interview below with Michael Linsin for some thoughts on what works to create thriving and successful classrooms, and marvel with me how much it sounds exactly the same as what makes good parenting of children with special needs.

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