Tuesday, July 01, 2003

Oh, my

Happened to glance today at the site statistics summary for Mothers with Attitude, and noted with some dismay that the search words most often used to reach the site are "hot mothers." Now, I have a pretty good guess that anybody who sets out to do a Google search for "hot mothers" and then thinks that "Mothers with Attitude" is a good choice is not looking to read humorous essays on parenthood and browse through Website links for adoption and special needs. Certainly nothing I live or write about would classify me as a "hot mother." A bothered mother, more likely. I don't quite have the nerve to do my own Google seach of "hot mothers" to see what kind of company I'm keeping, and how many pages of search results "hot mother" seekers had to wade through to find my somewhat lukewarm site. But if any of those searchers actually wandered far enough into the site to get to this page ... well, sorry. No hot mothers here. But your mother would probably get pretty hot under the collar if she knew what you were up to.

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