Thursday, August 11, 2005

Sensory shopaholic

I've admitted before that I have a real obsession with sensory-integration and learning-aid catalogs, and tend to buy up lots of cool-looking stuff and throw it at my kids, hoping something sticks. Things usually prove useful for a short time, and then either the kiddos or I lose interest, leaving us with piles of unused therapy thingamajigs all around the house. At one time or another, I've purchased just about every item on this list of Special-Needs School Tools. We're still using the pencil toppers (although I probably enjoy twiddling with them more than my kids do); the Alphasmart gets some use now and then (though again, more likely because I want to do some writing while I'm out and about with the kids); and I personally enjoy the EZC Reader bookmarks with their easy-on-the-eyes colored cellophane. Maybe I should just stop pretending that I'm buying this stuff as a serious therapeutic option for my children and just admit that I like shiny fun stuff. Would that blow my "good mom" cover?

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