Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Kathy Griffin is on my Z-List

I'm not someone who usually gets up in arms about non-reverential treatments of adoption. I don't protest when people talk about adopting dogs or highways or whatnot. I'm not really offended by Cabbage Patch dolls and their adopton certificates. A little annoyed, maybe, but there are bigger battles to fight, and I try to keep my perspective. But honestly, I gotta tell you, Kathy Griffin is really getting on my nerves. I watch a lot of Bravo for West Wing re-runs, and every commercial break, there's another appeal by Griffin to help her get off the D-List. She's asking viewers to help her pick which of four celebrity-enhancing moves she should make, and one of them is "Adopt a baby from Namibia." If enough people vote for it, she'll do it! Honest!

And sure, celebrities who adopt are easy targets, and I've been guilty of wondering about their motivations and unlikely home study success, but is this what we've come to? Adoption as stunt? I know, I know, she's kidding, it's a joke, get a sense of humor, get a life. And yet, it rankles me. It is, at the very least, a bad joke, and not even a necessary one -- clearly, the way to make the A-list is not to adopt but to have a baby with an A-lister. Look what it's done for those girls from Dawson's Creek!


Anonymous said...

I recently blogged about my newfound respect for Kathy Griffen (I used to detest her). I don't think she's serious about adopting the kid from Namibia. I mean.... that would be too much even for Hollywood, I think.

: )

Anonymous said...

I agree with Terri. While I think kathy Griffen is hilarious usually (aren't we just loving this crazy Tom Cruise thing?) the baby thing really offended me whether or not she meant it as a joke. Now if she offered to adopt Tom and Katy's baby,....maybe that would be funny. God knows the child is gonna need some help.