Thursday, November 01, 2007

Halloween letdown

Gads, November! What happened to October? I've been so busy blogging in paying venues that I've seriously neglected this poor blog spot. Only so many brain cells to go around, you know?

Neither of my kids went trick or treating last night; I think we've officially outgrown it. I don't see any need to arm-wrestle them into it just because it's What Young People Do, anyway. My son was all excited about staying home and passing out the candy, and when the first group came, he was just Mr. Suburban Homeowner, commenting on costumes and handing out goodies like a big old grown-up. Unfortunately, that was also our last group. Apparently, pretty much everybody else in our neighborhood has outgrown Halloween, too.

Did you get much business last night? Did your kids go out? If you've got big bags of tooth-rotting treats to deal with today, I've got some tips on my About site on ways to use those goodies for good. I guess we'll be doing that with the candy we meant to hand out.

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Barb Bonner said...

We had about 50-60 kids come by. Way too many occult costumes, between Grim Reapers and witches. A few superhero's and a large number of princesses. Not a lot of originality. However, at my daughter's elementary school, they still have the "Halloween Parade" where all the kids get dressed after lunch and go out to the playing field for a walk around in front of parents. I really think it's silly but she loves it and I get great ideas for next year's costumes.

The best one of all was the kid who was the Lego block. His parents took a cardboard box and 6 colored plastic cups. Painted the box the same color as the cups [in this case it was bright red] and glued the cups on in the "2 by 3" pattern that Lego's have, on the long side of the box. Cut holes for head and arms and wear it with whatever you want underneath.

The neat thing about this is that you can get blue, yellow or red cups, if you have a bunch of kids, can do all different colors.

Someone mentioned that they could also make the other side to 'receive' the cups but that required more work than I thought needed.

We then had the kids go out last nite. Way too exciting for them as shown by their behavior before going out, as well as when they returned.

For the past 3 years we have had 2 other families come over before dinner, eat pizza fast, then the kids all get dressed and go out as a 'posse' around our development. At least that way they are with people they know. And the whole group of kids have special needs of one sort or another, so it's easier in a group of accepting friends than dealing with other kids picking on them. Plus then there are at least 4-5 parents with the 'posse' to help as well.

Anyway, now we are dealing with the leftovers of the holiday - all the candy. Someone on another group mentioned "The Candy Fairy" who comes on the 2nd day after Halloween, to take all the candy away and leave a 'goodie'in it's place. Whether a book, movie, or gift card to WalMart.....

An alternative is that the Candy Fairy parent hides the part of the loot that they like, and gives the rest to teachers or others for 'behavior modification' awards....

Just a few of the things happening around here.